Saturday, 17 May 2008

Phew what a long day...

So day one of South Africa's Top Crop and what an awesome one. With only a few minutes really to contain myself after arriving and getting ready, for my class... the two classes I taught today went down brilliantly. What great ladies I have met and I cannot believe how different the pages turned out. Some incredible photos too... hoping the ladies let me see their finished layouts by emailing me or uploading to this facebook group. It is a nice feeling when you leave a class of happy inspired ladies.
Top of the list of creating happiness today has to be meeting Meryl, dear sweet lady who is 73 years old and an absolute darling. And she came to the event alone, even drove herself down to Durban beach front. It is wonderful to see this hobby being enjoyed by all ages and I get so excited to hear especially when her scrapbooking is also used to JOURNAL... yeah. Wish I still had my grannies around to hear stories from them. Meryl also tells me (boy I hope she stays in touch) that for her husband's birthday she suggested that their kids (of which they have some 15 grandchildren from) buy him a dictafone. SO he sits and tells his stories, recording them ... that really blew me away. How incredible. Imagine having stories from your grandparent in his voice... and apparently he has incredible stories from his life... WOW, is all I say.

I am knackered, going out to dinner with the other awesome teachers just now. So my day has left me feeling so inspired (and bouncing some great ideas from the ladies in the classes that think up great and easy ways you never thought of) - just tired. Oh and lesson two I learnt today... there are left handed people in the world :)...

Off for a bubble bath - hopefully I don't fall asleep in there. More tomorrow (if I have the energy)

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