Monday, 19 May 2008

A new week...

With the weekend behind us and a brand new week ahead, I need to quickly regain my "go-go" to get focusing on my next function, a day teaching with Laurie Glenny at Fantasia Crafts. Going to be a lovely day indeed. But seats are limited so don't waste time to book yours...The best part of my weekend was undoubtly making new friends. I was thrilled to finally meet Lara Cousins too, what a genuinely nice lady. We had some fun laughs and know I have certainly made a good friend. Thanks Lara. And of course Candice Greenway... haven't seen her in ages since she is all the way down (well up actually) from Cape Town. It is so lovely to have some time chatting face to face for a change. Candice has this incredibly nice manner and her funny play on words had Lara, Candice and I talking in morse code half the time - so funny.

The delegates this weekend seemed to love all the classes, and it was interesting to learn from them too. Especially since I haven't taught too many South African ladies yet, it was interesting to quiz them about their interests in the hobby and what they want and like about it all. Thanks ladies for the information, for the INCREDIBLY lovely feedback you gave me and for making my class an absolute success.

Some ladies asked about recommended shops in the UK, well this is some of the ones I used and loved. Obviously there is so many now and probably some incredible ones too, but I do not know them. Join UK Scrappers forum, an incredible forum with loads of links to the best shops in the UK. But my favs from my friend Amy, Willow Tree Crafts (she is online and an actual shop in Watford); my friend Debbie at ScrapMagic (the best supply of Bazzill you can find) and then the lovely ladies at Artbase (again online and an actual shop East (ish) of London).

Well hoping to find sometime today to upload a few photos from the weekend, if not I soon will.

Ooh I nearly forgot, gosh that has to be a first for me.... a bunch of the sweetest girls in my last class of the weekend ask to have me write my name on the FRONT of their completed layouts from my class, wow - I was amazed. How sweet is that? A definate top of the list for the day for creating happiness.

I returned home last night with a headache from..... well you know where, and feeling physically drained. So I cannot tell you hard it was focusing on the kids bedtime story last night. My kids haven't seen me for two days, even though I did travel home to stay overnight. But I returned and left again while they were asleep, so it was so lovely to get kids jumping in your arms with excitement. Just love my little brats... have to thank my husband Craig, who never complains when I need to be away. And then happily sits the weeks before my class, and drills 600 holes into perspex blocks without a complaint. I owe him big time and the ladies in class sent a big thank you too - so they were really sweet.

Thanks to the organisers Tracy Schimper and Andrea Robertson for a lovely event and an awesome dinner out on Saturday night.
Off to get ready for another week of Matthews Mayhem....

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