Monday, 26 May 2008

Monday..... monday... monday....

the end of a weekend and the start of yet another week... well I am sure glad Monday came along. Mr freight delivery man created my no. 1 happiness today, yeah a box FULL of American Crafts goodness. Boy am I sad that it is my last three months working on this design team, yip my two years are up soon. The design team boxes have been incredible... and I am never sure if it is pure excitement for new products, but I swear these guys design a better range each time (and that's twice a year too). I will always have my fav AC products, but gosh so much gorgeous products to see in this new box I don't know where to start. Making place in my scraproom would be a good starting I guess.

Doesn't help when my desk is in design turmoil either, stuff everywhere..... always the case when I am working on a project. And of course I am in grind mode this week with the run down to the event on Saturday, at Fantasia in Hillcrest. So my desk is extra laden with stuff.

Creating happiness no. 2 for me today (wow that is a good sign), I managed to get my hubby Craig to take some photos of me with my kiddies... got some lovely fun ones too, but these are the ones I selected for the current project I needed. My hubby never picks up the camera so I am just never in any photos with my kids. I guess I have to admit though that with the amount of photos I take I never give anyone else a chance to touch my camera. I love these photos, they are super cute and I even had a hard time choosing (always a better position to be in, right?).

These photos do make me smile... Hannah the natural loves to pose with her check glued to mine; Luke and his "biting-the-bottom-lip-is-a-smile-stage"; Ty actually smiling... but what is he doing in the little family shot??? he is such a little joker, you should see the other faces he did :).

Today my sweet Hannah had her very first Oral Presentation at school. So my Sunday was spent helping my seven year old put together her project on Water and Animals. I let Hannah do ask much of the cutting and sticking as she could, got to love that seven year made this look. A few little scrapbooking touches and presentation done. Well - not that easy, it took forever getting pictures together, deciding what to actually put in this project... boy I have no idea what a seven year old is able to do or what is expected. None-the-less, she is happy, teacher said brilliant and that is all I know (Hannah a girl of little words when it comes to school). So now I am left regreting not actually taking a photo of her before she parted with her project. The scrapbooker in me is so bummed by that.

So will leave you then with a layout I did of my sweet girl as seen in the latest ScrapBook Inspirations magazine. I love Making Memories, they have churned out release after release of gorgeous products and in the tools department certainly are a leader (in my books anyways). So lots of MM products on this layout. The postage stamp look I painstakingly punched away at the edge of the cardstock to mimic the MM paper available (just wanted the same look but in different colours) using my Basic Grey Notch Tool. Also machine stitched the franking marks.... The spiral notebooks by MM, yes I parted with one and had my daughter write a little note on it. She loves writing notes and is forever eyeballing my notebooks whenever I buy one. She just LOVES notebooks and writing little letters. Too sweet she is... so thanks for coming over :)

Venessa :)


Sophia said...

You are so lucky...American Crafts also happens to be one of my FAV products out there. Don't always find it aroud these parts, so if I see a bargain, I buy some online...just the shipping kills us though...pity!!!

Anyways, love that page of Hannah, too sweet.

Getting so excited for Saturday, some ME scrappy fun time to be

See you soon!

Joanne said...
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Joanne said...

LOVE this layout, I feel inspired to break out my BG notch tool which is covered in dust and spider webs.

I deleted my previous comment cos it had a spelling mistake in it.